We engage in a mutual vetting process to make sure there’s a win-win on both sides.

Check how we work

We engage in a mutual vetting process to make sure there’s a win-win on both sides.

Check how we work

Discovery process

This is where our engagement begins and where we start turning your vision into reality. Discover how we’ll collaborate to bring your best ideas to market.

1. Inquiry Submission

To begin a potential collaboration, please submit the Project Discovery questionnaire. Your detailed responses are crucial for an effective first meeting. Note: We’re judicious about participating in traditional RFPs, and only proceed with direct access and conversation with key decision makers.

2. Discovery Call

Post-questionnaire, our team evaluates the potential for a 45-minute call with our Director of Client Partnerships. This introductory call, typically with your Brand Manager or CMO, aims to discuss your business situation, evaluate our potential contribution, and plan a future meeting with key decision-makers.

3. Conversation with Leadership

An essential step before proceeding to a proposal is having an open conversation with c-level decision makers, typically a founder and/or CEO and other folks in your steering group. Understanding the wider business context from their vantage point is vital to our process. This meeting allows both parties to ask questions, assess chemistry, and gain a deep understanding of your ambitions and objectives.

4. Program Definition

Squaircle offers three main engagements: Idea to Prototype, Prototype to Product, and Product to Market, each tailored to different brand challenges and proven effective across various industries and complexities. We’ll align around which engagement to build our proposal around.

5. Proposal Development

Following successful discussions with your leadership team and a confirmed fit, we create a straightforward proposal to outline the scope of work, fees, and project timeline. We’ll set up a call to discuss it with your decision maker.

6. Proposal Acceptance & Onboarding

Upon accepting our proposal, we issue a Master Services Agreement and request the initial deposit to start the project. Our Director of Client Experience then begins a formal client onboarding to set us all up for success.

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