Saravanan Vijayakumar

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Meet Our Founder

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I co-founded Squaircle, south asia’s leading human-centered CX & product design studio headquartered in Chennai, India that works with CEOs, founders, and leaders to create GTM100, the signature idea that sits at the heart of the business and makes it famous. Saravanan purpose is to affect how people think, feel, and behave for positive change. He experienced in crafting effective and emotionally engaging products and services, enabling the most favorable and inspiring conditions for innovation, and activating communities through design. He help businesses grow with design.

With a solid background in human centred design, Saravanan have been practising the design under various titles in a wide range of industries and led design as a practice.

Career spans , System & Service Design, Strategy, Research, Social design &Culture, User Experience (Information, Interaction and visual design), and Futures thinking and Business Innovation.

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