1. Allow easy booking for glucose level monitoring appointments with healthcare professionals.
2. Provide accurate and reliable tracking of blood sugar levels using various methods.
3. Allow users to set personalized goals and provide feedback and guidance to achieve those goals.
4. Provide reminders for blood sugar level checks, medications, and appointments.
5. Offer detailed analytics and reports to identify potential health issues.
6. Integrate with other health and fitness apps to provide a holistic view of the user’s health and wellness.
7. Provide educational resources to help users manage their diabetes or prevent the onset of the disease.
The Sugar care offering is threefold:

  • Book and Follow appointments
  • Track the sugar level data with use of technology
  • Guide diabetic patient to better lifestyle.


  • Incorporation of massive product offering that is user-friendly
  • Considering the TG, brand and product should build tons of digestible and understandable content
  • Remind stakeholders how safe, simple and super the app is via intuitive user experience

How did we help them reach their objective?


Seccura Health is now widely used as a partner for diabetes treatment with some of the biggest names in healthcare and is expanding successfully across the world. Ultimately, it’s helping people with type 2 diabetes move into long-term remission. With the support of our research, strategy and design, we introduced product design, ethnographic research and prototyping – ended up being one of the products in India to introduce new propositions to the mass market by understanding the user needs.

With Securra Sugar Care

1. Collecting data and monitoring sugar level is easy with the help of technology.
2. Educating user on the lifestyle to be maintained for a better living.
3. Booking doctors’ appointment and buying medicines in a few clicks.

From vision to launch


As the first representation of the new concept, we put our focus on building a new mobile app that served as a platform for experimentation. Together with technology team, we have been involved in every step from first design explorations to usability testing and from backend architecture to mobile development.
Over 12 weeks, the team conducted in-depth research with patients and dietitians to understand every aspect of the journey and identify key pain points. We looked at the programme holistically, working on everything from brand design, service blueprints, to a working proof-of-concept prototype.


The rebrand was supported by a mobile app and a marketing website. The app is designed to work alongside the dietitian and enables patients to log their weight, record their mood, set personal goals, reflect on achievements, and visualise success. It also helps participants form positive new habits for health in the long term. Overall, it’s a companion to helping people reach remission, and stay there.


“With the ability to monitor blood sugar levels, diabetic patients can ensure they are staying within their target range and avoid complications. The SOS feature provides an added layer of safety and peace of mind in case of emergency situations, while tracking nutrition can help patients make better-informed decisions about their diet. Additionally, being able to schedule and manage doctor appointments within the same app saves time and ensures that appointments are not missed. Overall, combining all of these features in one app can significantly improve a diabetic patient’s quality of life and make it easier to manage their condition.”

‘Our experience with the design partner has been fantastic. We now know what to include in our service to help people through their journey to remission.’

Sunny Pokola, CEO & Chairman, Seccura Health

The Key Insight


What we achieved from this project?

1. Over 12 weeks, the team conducted in-depth research with patients and dietitians to understand every aspect of the journey and identify key pain points.

2. Built a multi goal platform – made it easy for the users to track and monitor with the help of technology.

3. Created a seamless and enjoyable experience for Enterprises that helps them onboard easily and utilize all assistance provided proactively.

4. Created an experience that makes users feel safe and assisted.

5. Created an ecosystem for user to access all the data and information in single glance.

What we learnt from this project?

1. Research plays an important role in the output of the design.

2. Simple designs are much more preferred.

3. Every user, at a different stage, has an entirely different and at times – bespoke set of requirements that a platform of this nature must be capable of addressing.

4. How do we make such a platform adaptable to changing user needs is one of our biggest learnings.

5. Continuously keep on revisiting the user experience and keep improving the ecosystem.

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