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EasyBuyk: Now owning a two wheeler is simple

We worked closely with Orange Retail Finance to convey their differentiation and relevance in today’s rapidly changing retail marketplace, through their visual identity, a redesign of their website and the user experience of key products on their core platform.






8 weeks


Easybuyk is a technology and data science company that facilitates automobile buying and selling online through a combination of asset-light two wheeler e-commerce platform along with a technology-driven vertically integrated proprietary ecosystem of products and services for the automobile industry.
To address structural constraints of the two wheeler market and buyers’ and sellers’ pain points, a platform that aims to deliver wide selection, low prices, inspected and verified vehicles, loan and insurance, and seamless delivery for buyers as one unified marketplace experience.


Together, we began exploring the opportunity of displaying a unified front for end-users and finding synergies between internal business units. We envisioned a service that uses Orange Retail Finance vast amounts of data to bring personally relevant recommendations, ensuring that you find your right two-wheeler match.

1. Starting from their unique product offering

“Squaircle design thinking process pushed our team to think differently about the company we want to be by helping us articulate and uncover unmet needs, while comprehensively addressing our goals. The net result is a brand that is coveted and future proof.”

— TK Balaji, CIO, Orange Retail Finance

The outcome was a new service concept playfully named “Easybuyk.” It represents the idea of that by packaging Orange Retail Finance entire offering into one application, in a personal way. ORFIL can now better understand its users and predict their next move—providing an even quicker path to the perfect match. The first representation of the new concept is ORFIL’s new mobile app, the first version released in Feb 2022, with big plans for the future.

Strategy to Visual Identity

The second workshop’s exercises were designed to transition the brand from something abstract and conceptual to something tangible and alive. This work also included creating mood boards and critiquing the visual identities of other brands in the commerce solutions marketplace.

2. Long-term vision

Bringing the new service concept to life was not a one-off project, but a long-term commitment towards seamless user experiences and upholding Orange brand promise. This required both internal and external development for Orange Retail Finance renowned ecosystem of digital services.

Brand to Product

3. Setting the course

We created the new service concept during an intensive, one-month design spree, working as one team of designers, technologists and business owners. We involved end-users and retail business customers along the way to set a common course for the future.

From brand to product to launch

During the project, we introduced Orange IT team to new design methods and a fresh human-centered approach to product concept and development. Additionally, we took responsibility for all visual touchpoints, co-created the branding, art direction and user experience.


Within 10 months of beginning this project, we had our first wave of initiatives in pilot in time for the 2022 JFM season. This included a live multi-store trial in partnership with dealers and sellers, an updated store design look and feel and a technology-enabled format. The data collected has been used to re-imagine store layouts, improve sell-through beyond the store, de-risk investment, build better experiences around licenses and scale the program to dozens of more stores for the 2022 festival season.




Villages touched

₹ 1K Crs






4. Elevating their product

As the project progressed, Orange asked us to draw on our product design and strategy capabilities to push the bounds of their platform. Through interviews with current customers and stakeholders, we uncovered the most common challenges customers faced in Orange, enhancements that would help their workflows and ways to make the tools within Fabric more cohesive. We worked with the new CPO/CMO on the overarching product strategy and identified where to start to bring this through into the product experience.


“Squaircle brought EasyBuyk a forward-looking vision and strategy to identify and respond to a rapidly changing market. They helped us build a brand that would transform customer experiences—making them personal, compelling and real—enabling us to build authentic relationships with new and existing audiences.”
— Jai Mohan, Head of Marketing, Orange Retail Finance

What we achieved from this product?

1. Created the first comprehensive Two-Wheeler marketplace that is readily available for over 4,000 dealers in the rural and semi-urban parts of the state.
2. Built a multi-experience for users – Viewers are consuming content on multiple devices
3. Created a seamless and enjoyable experience for dealers/business owners that helps them onboard easily and utilize all assistance provided proactively.
4. Created an experience that makes sellers learned about their eligibility, prerequisites, security, safety and assistance around all stages of establishment.
5. Created an ecosystem for the two-wheeler market to thrive and contribute to the regional and national economy – a beautiful reason to design meaningful experiences for.
6. Designed for changing buying behavior of rural and semi-urban users when it comes to two-wheelers and its related services.

What we learnt from this project?

1. In-depth research and competitor analysis play an important role in the output of the design
2. Learned designing experiences for TV and big screens of data visualization
3. How to seamlessly build a multi-experience for users
4. While the variety and quality of the content will be important to acquiring new viewers, UI/UX will play a decisive role in retaining them
5. A simple and delightful user experience will always remain the most important factor that will define the success of any marketplace platform.
6. Simple designs are much more preferred.
7. Every user, at a different stage, has an entirely different and at times – bespoke set of requirements that a platform of this nature must be capable of addressing.
8. How do we make such a platform adaptable to changing user needs is one of our biggest learnings.
9. Continuously keep on revisiting the user experience and keep improving the ecosystem.
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